Welcome to my new site, all those who care about the objectivity and reputation of science…

Hello. I’m Colin Berry. I first got interested (again) in the Turin Shroud late last year, in the wake of those ”miraculous flash of light” reports.

I did a number of experiments at home, reported on my science buzz site.  I interacted with the “Shroud of Turin” website, and was taken aback at what can only be described as an ongoing  road show  (despite the carbon dating that said the Shroud was medieval and therefore a fake).  I then set up a specialist site to research it further, concluding that the image was simply a thermal scorch, produced by direct contact with a hot metal template – probably bas relief, or maybe a discarded bronze or other metallic figure.

Gradually the idea formed that it was not only a hard core of true-believers among the general public which refused to accept the C-14 evidence – that it was being sustained and orchestrated by propagandist websites and road shows, all apparently well-funded. In fact, the intro to that Mail article (link above) puts it succinctly:

“The Catholic Church has never publicly accepted or rejected popular belief that the Turin Shroud is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ.

But it has done everything short of that to encourage devotion to this ancient piece of linen, on display in Turin Cathedral, which bears the markings of a man who appears to have been crucified. 

The extraordinary sepia image on the cloth is simply — as Pope Benedict XVI likes to put it in that careful, precise way of his — ‘an image that reminds us always of Christ’s suffering’  “

What people chose to believe or disbelieve is of course their own  business.  This site is not an attack on religious faith.  But if there is one thing this science bod cannot abide, in any shape or form, it is systematic attempts to dismiss science with pseudo- science  – and believe me, there is a LOT of pseudo-science being deployed in defence of the idea that the Shroud really is 1st century AD, and that the carbon-daters  have got it wrong (or been fobbed-off with invisibly-repaired fabric).

So that in short is the purpose of this new blog – to provide a resource and forum on which the new as well as older claims can be closely scrutinised.  This site will be fearless in levelling the charge of “pseudo-science” at any research that is seen to lack strict scientific objectivity, or which attempts to explain away awkward facts by resort to “ingenious” explanations that lack proper scientific documentation.  There is more to science than simply conjuring up possible explanations like white rabbits out of a hat …

In the next post I shall list some of the more egregious examples of Shroudie pseudo-science that need addressing as a matter of urgency. It is science that is being mocked and parodied with each passing day…

13th October 2016: well, here I am, well over 4 years later. There’s a model at last for the TS body image wirh which I’m quietly confident – see current posting this site. But the matter of agenda-driven pseudoscience still rankles: see the  latest posting (today) on my sciencebuzz site:


Finally, heres’s a link to the most recent posting on my main site (as of Sept 18, 2016):




About Colin Berry

Retired science bod, previous research interests: phototherapy of neonatal jaundice, membrane influences on microsomal UDP-glucuronyltransferase, defective bilirubin and xenobiotic conjugation and hepatic excretion, dietary fibre and resistant starch.
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  2. colinsberry says:

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  4. colinsberry says:

    From that other site:


    “Oh man, what can one say? Here you have a man who claims to be a scientist and the ‘protector’ of “objectivity and the reputation of science”, then can make such a irresponsible claim that only “true believers” refuse to accept the C-14 evidence!….Seriously, that may be the most untruthful and unscientific comment I have ever heard! What about objectivity when talking about the ‘SINGLE’ C-14 test,..same sample done by three different labs, not representing the whole? What about; even a high school science student realizes/recognizes C-14 is not infallible and yes even prone to errors. No scientist would ever claim C-14 is the FINAL word…EVER! If one does they are just simply, IDIOTs and definately not being “objective” or scientific. One must remember ALL aspects of the item being tested must be weighed and one aspect alone carries very little weight on it’s own.
    As for the C14 test done on the Shroud, Colin, be a man and admit your wrong, get over it and move on.
    Anyone with a sense of objectivity or with a slight bit of common sense would admit it was botched and move on. Move on, in lets push for more PROPER scientific testing of the Shroud.

    My reply:

    You are allowed to believe the C-14 dating has produced a wrong answer, Ron. You are allowed to believe that the portion taken had been more than 50% replaced with more modern linen and/or cotton. You are allowed to believe it was done by fiendishly clever invisible weaving with cunningly dyed thread spliced end-to-end to resemble the original. You are allowed to believe Rogers’ designer vanillin decay curves. In fact, you are allowed to believe whatever you want.
    Just don’t expect me, a seasoned science bod, to believe that all this hot-under-the-collar special pleading represents objective science. Don’t try to draw me into your denialist flat-earther world, because, if the truth be told, I have seen this kind of thing over and over again, and it makes not the slightest impression on me.
    If you don’t like what you hear, then the answer is simple. Get the Shroud custodians to repeat the C-14 dating. In the meantime, stop the whingeing, stop the name-calling, and reflect on the possibility that you are being taken for a ride, with this site (“ShroudofTurin”) providing the wheels.

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