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In photos – 10 simple steps for reproducing a Turin Shroud-like image

Hello again. It’s almost  3 years since I last posted to this site. It was set up in March 2012, shortly after I set out to discover means by which the Turin Shroud’s ‘enigmatic’ body image could or might have … Continue reading

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Stop press: here’s the latest example of Shroudie tunnel vision

Here’s a comment that I have just posted to Dan Porter’s shroudofturin.wordpress site . The image to which it refers is shown at the end of the posting. Do you see the Shroud of Turin in that picture?  Think again, … Continue reading

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Preliminary opinion on that Pray Codex, aka Hungarian Pray Manuscript (the one that is supposed to show the Shroud of Turin)

This is a quickie post, in response to yet another debate (or “wrangle”)  over that Hungarian Pray Codex, and whether or not it shows the Shroud of Turin (complete we are told with L-shaped poker holes). I’ve already pointed out … Continue reading

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